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The Fortress, every other Tuesday, beginning January 10th, 2017.

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Centuries ago, Europeans set sail to the oceans to explore the New World. It was only a matter of time before people expanded out again. This time, instead of crossing treacherous waters, we would venture through the empty void of space. When Earth was too full to support the entire, ever-growing human race, the World Powers decided it was time to move beyond the limitations of our planet and search the Universe for alternative places for humans to settle. With time, convenient travel became possible.

The Wiki

The Wiki is a game resource with information about the game, the universe it takes place in, and the characters who live there. It’s a great way to look up details that were forgotten or find out how much time I have wasted putting into a world that most players will never see. All players have permissions to create their own entries, but I ask that you keep them game-relevant.

Character Creation

Character Creation is done with me. There are things to know and rules to follow. New characters had ten freebie points at character creation at the beginning of the game.

I request that all players submit a back story for every character they make. It can be an online post or given to me in writing. The most important things to include are where you’re from and why you’re adventuring. The more information the better. I will reward all players who oblige with five experience points.

Experience Points

Experience points are awarded at the end of every session. Experience points are how your grow and expand the mechanics of your character. Costs for abilities are provided on the character sheet.

Every session will have the following points when applicable:

  • Showing Up
  • Discovery
  • Wisdom
  • Heroism
  • Creaivity
  • Role-playing Award

Sometimes, I may ask questions or riddles for experience or award it arbitrarily through the game.

Further experience can be earned by posting in the Adventure Log.

You can also just bribe me.


Contact me if you have any questions about the game. PMng me on Facebook is probably the best. Calling or texting also works.

If you would like to make a formal request for specific equipment or favors that I normally don’t provide, by all means, you can click here. For best results, maximize your browser window, first.


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