Survey 287: Captain Monroe's Video Message

When the message begins to pay, Officer Gundek can be seen bent over to the camera, handling something off screen.
“…we have it.”
Gundek steps back and Captain Monroe comes into view. Both of them appear to be in different, more basic garbs.
“I trust you guys are well. We are. Kreeg managed to get us off of the Red Eye. We’re laying low, traveling through the Outer Colonies.”
“I’ve traveled worse,” says another familiar voice from off screen.
“Gerrik’s with us too.”
“Don’t need to sound so excited.”
“It’s pretty clear that we’re somebody’s loose end. There’s something going on on that planet that we weren’t meant to see, and I’m not sure how deep it goes. I have a feeling if we hold out in these parts, it’s only a matter of time before I find out. Something, at least.”
“We’re running out of juice,” says Gundek.
“These old field packs are next to useless. Make your way to Ba Kyro in the Ta May.” Monroe makes a few strokes over her datapad, and a visual set of coordinates appears onscreen. “Go to these coordinates and ask for Rifter. He should be able to set you up with a overhaul on the ship. Just tell him I sent you. You’ll need to find a way to pay him, though. Good luck. And be careful with my ship.”
The video ends.

Survey 287: Cut Scene: End of Story One

A human man in business apparel makes his way down a corridor and into an internal docking bay. A large luxury ship awaits his arrival, many armed guards bearing the Yarrowkev emblem on their uniforms surround him. They let him pass and ascend up the boarding ramp to enter the craft. He walks into an office where the light is angled in just the right way to shade the face of a suited man standing behind a desk. “Sir, the survey team has escaped.”

There is a deep exhale, then a husky voice replies, “That is fine. I think we have made our point.” The shrouded man takes two steps from one shadow to another. “I think they know it is in their best interest to remain dead to the Galaxy. They should no loner be an issue.”

“I must disagree. Sir. We don’t know how much they have seen. They can…”

“They are weak cowards who have faced our might in the eyes and lived to remember it.”

“They are a loose end and must be dealt with!”

“They are nothing!” The figure takes a moment to sit down, still veiled in the dim lighting.

“These distractions have gone on long enough. Ignore them and proceed as planned.”

“Very well, Sir.”


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